The mass communication platform you’ve been looking for

A truly unique, one-of-a-kind technology platform that allows for real-time, interactive communications via SMS, MMS, voice, & email.

What We Provide

Your Partner in Secure &
Reliable Communications

Built for

Send messages without specific mediums

Authorized Telecom Channels

Simple real-time reports and insights

Our Features

Key Communication Features

No requirement to select an option for message type. Our system uses machine learning to recognize data availability and/or device type.

Communication Mediums Include:


Auto Dialer

Polls & Surveys


Our Platform

Interactive Messaging
With Real Time Results

SMS/MMS with Poll
SMS/MMS with Mobile Page

Our Channels

FCC/TCPA Impact to Messaging

Application-To-Person (A2P)
  • Opt-In Requirements
  • Provide Telephonic Opt-Ins for Your Constituent and/ or Voters
  • Content Requirement (Content Approval by Carriers)
Person-To-Person (P2P)
  • No Opt-In Requirements
  • Individual Notification Requirement
  • SPAM Implications

Unique Approach

The Difference

Unique Approach

The Difference

  • Proprietary AI to automatically ascertain & disseminate communications by medium type
  • Approved by DHS, FEMA, US Congress and the US telecoms
  • Different content drives different channel delivery based on authorization by telecom carriers and aggregators
  • Enhanced Anti-Hacking Infrastructure using true telecom client-server architecture that meets federal-level security standards for mass communications

Our Benefits

Client Value

Our Benefits

Client Value

  • Unparalleled Data Quality – Telco
  • Registered Carrier Receipts – Proven Delivery
  • High Speed Output of ALL Communication Types
  • Interactive Communications for Information Gathering
  • Full Quantitative Reporting & Analytics